WhatCard finds the cheapest card to use on your travel. Download WhatCard App in Google play

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Current Version V 1.0, Release Date 10/07/2015

WhatCard finds the cheapest card to use on your holiday. Download WhatCard App in AppStore or Google play

WhatCard finds the cheapest card to use on your travel? Download WhatCard App in AppStore or Google play

Home - FAQs

Q: I can not find my credit card in WhatCard app, can I add one?

A: Yes, you can do that by suggesting your card to us. Although we are trying our best to put all credit cards into our app, we still may miss some of them. If you can not find you card here, please tap into the '+' from the 'My Cards' view choose "Missing?" from the drop-down menu to send us the information about the card. We will make the decision and add your card or reply to you in 7 business days. You can also send an email about the information to info@whatcardapp.com directly.

Q: Is my card data safe?
A: With the respect of your privacy and concerns of safety, WhatCard just store all your card information in your personal cell phone. We will not send any of your card information to our server or store/transfer them via Internet.

Q: Is my card supported?
A: We support cards from the following countries:
Brazil (120+ cards supported for the Brazilian market);
Denmark (290+ cards supported for the Danish market);
Finland (60+ cards supported for the Finnish market);
France (1000+ cards supported for the French market);
United Kingdom (190+ cards supported for the English market);
Italy (340+ cards supported for the Italian market);
Norway (330+ cards supported for the Norwegian market);
Sweden (100+ cards supported for the Swedish market);
Spain (490+ cards supported for the Spanish market);
Ireland (50+ cards supported for the Irish market).;
Belgium (120+ cards for the Belgium market).

To see if your card is supported, download the app and check if your card is in there.

Q: What is the difference between 'Real time' and 'Card' exchange rate?
A: Real time exchange rates are taken from yahoo and are updated every 5 minutes. Some cards issuers also publish the exchange rate used by the card. However not all card issuers give this kind of transparancy and the data is sometimes a few days old. And to make things worse, the number of currencies published is also limited. That is why we decided to give the user the option to choose between real time exchange rates or rates coming from the cards.

Q: I choose 'Cards' as exchange rate but the amounts calculated by WhatCard app are different than what appears on my Bank Card statement?
A: Cards issuers use the exchange rate valid on the day of processing. The day of processing the transaction is usually different than the day the actual payment or withdrawal occured. When you do a transaction with your card, the card issuer will process this transaction usually a few days later. So the exchange rate used on the transaction is known only a few days later. WhatCard app cannot predict the future. As a workaround we find the most recent date/time in the past for which we have the exchange rates availlable for all cards. WhatCard app is fully transparant on this information and the data can be checked by anyone. For more info go to the detailed results screen for each card, there you can see how the calculation is done and what exchange rate is used.